6th Grade Future City

The beginning of February, Miss Ziebarth's 6th graders began their Future City Project.  The class focused on teamwork, patience, trial and error (engineering), how the elements on the moon affect life, and incorporating innovative ideas.  The team had to research facts about the moon and solutions on how to provide necessities of life to those who would live on the moon.  One challenge was to figure out how to keep the lunar dust from getting into their suits, houses, and other buildings because lunar dust is toxic to humans.  Part of the project was to write a 1,500-word essay, design and build their city, and create a presentation of their city.  On Saturday, three team members will be answering questions about their city in front of a panel of judges from North Dakota.  If the team wins their regional competition they will advance to a national competition through Zoom instead of the normal trip to NASA in Houston.  The class shares while it was challenging, they had a lot of fun learning together to create their Future City.  Check back for updates on how the team does!