Eco City Team
The 6th, 7th, and 8th graders have been working hard on building a future city that is waste-free and has a circular economy. Along with a model of their city, the students also had to do extensive research, write an essay, record a presentation, and answer questions in front of various panels of judges. This year we had two teams competing at the Future City Competition in Bismarck on January 22nd. Three students from each team represented our school's Future City program. At the competition, they answered questions about their waste-free city in general, their planning process, what engineers do in their city, and how they would survey the land for their city. No-Waste Nation was represented by Aiden Hanson, Kaden Lelm, and Griffin Kraft. EcoCity was represented by Vivian Schlafmann, Jonas Christensen, and Charlie Sparrow. EcoCity placed 2nd overall for the regional competition, tied for 1st place in the surveying category, and placed 2nd in the Q&A section of the competition.