January 2021 Million Word Club Students

The students at Turtle Lake - Mercer have been busy reading this year.  Students in grades 1 - 8 have already read almost 31,000,000 words so far this year!  Congratulations to Case Christensen (grade 5) on reading 5,826,936 words, he is well on his way to breaking senior Ashlee Ketterling's 5th grade record of 7,899,571 words back in 2014!  Jonas Christensen (grade 6) has read 2,592,742 words and McKenna Faulkner (grade 8) has read 1,174,917 words so far this year.  We have many other students who are well on their way to the Million Word Club.  Watch the full Million Word Club story on our Facebook page.  Congratulations TL-M students, keep reading!!