Notice is hereby given that on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 the annual school election will be held at the Legion Hall in Turtle Lake and the City Hall in Mercer, McLean County, North Dakota for the purpose of electing the following members of the School Board for the Turtle Lake-Mercer School District No. 72.

For a term of four years:

Elect one member from Area 1, position currently held by Juel Anderson

Elect one member from Area 5, position currently held by Todd Sondrol

Elect one member from Area 6, position currently held by Kelly Murray

For a term of two years:

Elect one member from Area 5, position currently created due to the resignation of Patricia Bayless.


Voters will also decide on:

Question #1:  Publication of school board proceedings for the next two years.

Question #2:  Clarification of the established Building Fund Levy.

Polls Hours:  Polls will be open at 7:00 AM and close at 7:00 PM.

-By order of the School Board of Turtle Lake-Mercer Public School District No. 72.

Susan Davis, Business Manager




Website Student Privacy

Turtle Lake –Mercer Public School is proud of the many
accomplishments of our students and staff. Often, such accomplishments will be
highlighted on our school website.

We will often use photos of our students on the school website.
For our protection and the protection of your child’s privacy, we need to know
if you do not want your child’s photograph to be used on our school website.

If you do not want your student on the website, contact the school
office. The school website is accessible to all who have access to the
Internet. Therefore, no home address or telephone number will appear with any
work or photo posted on the web.



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